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STOP Listening to the Old, Recycled CRAP Most �Real Estate Gurus� Teach! These Are the REAL Ways to Profit NOW From Foreclosures, With a Step-by-Step System For Making BIG Money That You Can Start Using Immediately From the Comfort of Home...


In This Letter�

  • How to Get to the BIG MONEY- in the 2008 Foreclosure market.

  • How to Buy Houses at Auction- WITH NO MONEY and NO CREDIT!!!

  • How to Get UNLIMITED FREE Pre-Foreclosure Leads

  • How to Profit From Foreclosures- Even If The Seller Won�t Work With You!


  • How to Buy Pre-Foreclosures THROUGH THE MAIL!!

Dear Friend,


            Are you tired of learning the same lame old crap about Foreclosures that you�ve seen offered a million times? Then you�re in luck, because I�ve streamlined a system for making money from Foreclosures that�s so revolutionary, so NEW, that it�s making big waves among the handful of people I�ve let in on these secrets.


            My name is Jason Loucks. I�m an ex-vitamin store clerk who understands what it�s like to barely make a living trading hours for dollars. I�m 31 years old. My wife Laura and I have a dog, and a cat, both terrors (though Laura would never admit it).


           We live in a city called West Palm Beach, about an hour from Miami. I�m writing this letter to you sitting at my kitchen table, in my sweat pants and a T-shirt, where I have made an average of over $4,000.00 a day for the last 4 years, from a completely different approach to buying and selling Foreclosures. I have achieved the �fantasy� of making a ton of money from a home-based easy, pleasant business.

          I know my story will be hard to believe. And it�ll be even tougher for you to believe that you can do it too. But I hope you�ll give me a chance. I just may be the guy to change your life around in a big, big way.


          Before Real Estate, I was a self-confessed opportunity junkie. For years, I bought books, tapes, kits, opportunities, distributorships, and plans. Why? Because I had a job I hated. Oh, it was a �good job�- if you like working to make someone else rich in a dead-end hole. I had to be away from home all the time, wear uncomfortable clothes, and I felt depressed, �stuck.� I didn�t want to wait until I was 65 to have fun. I wanted to be home, with my family, or go fishing �so I was searching, always searching for an �opportunity.�


          I was tired of what I�d been doing, ready for something new and amazing, and I wasn�t willing to do anything unethical or illegal, or that looked like more trouble than it was worth. These were pretty tight requirements, and I wasn�t finding what I was looking for. But I decided years ago that I would �


...Never Be Average Again!


         Real Estate looked to have everything I wanted- passive income, a hands-off lifestyle, but the usual "rentals and rehabs" approach just wasn't for me. Using the typical Real Estate Investing techniques I�d been taught, every avenue seemed to be blocked- either too much money and risk required, or too much work.


        I struggled to develop a Real Estate Investing plan that didn�t jeopardize my lifestyle, or require that I risk my entire life savings just to make a buck. I pushed on as best I could, working my day job, and hating every minute of it, searching for the solution.


         Slowly, painfully, I began buying rental properties, only to learn that my expenses were bigger than my income- I was losing money by buying Real Estate. And since I had no money, something had to give.


           My fellow Investors all laughed when I told them about my idea of a pleasant, easy Real estate business. You should have heard them yucking it up at my expense.

          But the joke�s on them. Over time, I refined the ways to do these types of deals, even eliminated the need for down payments. And with each new technique, my income and net worth jumped massively.


          Then, one crisp November morning, I had a breakthrough- an �ahah� moment. In a burst of insight, many years in the making, I identified a completely revolutionary way of approaching the business of Real Estate, focusing on the most profitable niche- Foreclosures.


            I changed directions, mastering the art of getting cash at closing. Quickly, I tested a very simple technique, and in just 21 days, I closed my first Foreclosure deal�


...And Made $28,872!


          Since then, I�ve streamlined and systemized Real Estate Buying to an exact science, buying as many as 6 houses a month, which, I SWEAR is part-time once you know how.


It Wasn�t Until I Dumped the CRAP

I Had Learned About Foreclosures,

That I Took My Profits to the Next Level!


         Over the years, I�ve uncovered several simple secrets that when properly combined have multiplied my income three times, and allowed me to focus my time and effort where it should be- on enjoying my free time, my beautiful wife, and spending more time doing what I want to do, when I want to do it� and making fantastic amounts of money in my part-time.


   I chose Foreclosures because of two simple truths:


            1) First, no matter why a Seller can�t make the payments, they will end up in Foreclosure. This means Foreclosure is the final stop for every type of property, and every type of Seller. Probate Cases, Bankruptcies, Divorces, Burned-out Landlords, etc. All the work in finding Motivated Sellers has already been done, leaving properly trained Investors as the last and best choice, and making us a fortune in the process.


            2) Second, all Sellers in Foreclosure have 3 things; a financial problem, a house, and a deadline. You COULD NOT create a more perfect, more profitable, list of prospects if you had a magic wand. A list of Prospects I�ll show you how to get FOR FREE- just keep reading.


            I kept these secrets for many years, refining and streamlining a system for turning Foreclosures into checks as fast as possible with a minimum of time, effort, or hassles, with no Landlording and with as little contact with Buyers, Sellers, Banks or Contractors as possible.


            Recently, I decided to share my secrets with a VERY select group of dedicated Investors. I�ll tell you why, and how YOU can get these same secrets for yourself, in just a moment, but first, here�s a taste of what they learned:


Here�s a Taste, A Small Example, of

The Secrets I Unveil in the

ULTIMATE Foreclosure Homestudy:

  • How to get to the BIG MONEY- in the 2008 Foreclosure market. No canned, recycled crap. This is all real, all new, and ready to roll out NOW.

  • How to make huge paydays on beautiful houses in beautiful neighborhoods without tenants, banks, rehabs or risk

  • How to Buy Houses at Auction- WITH NO MONEY and NO CREDIT!!!

  • How to Profit From Foreclosures- Even If The Seller Won�t Work With You!



            You CANNOT Learn This Anywhere Else,  

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            So, let�s see what you missed� THE ULTIMATE Foreclosure Bootcamp was a packed weekend, in which I laid out the revolutionary, tested, proven, methods I and my students currently use� and a current, accurate, �nothing-left-out� business model of my Foreclosure Business.


            It�s an in-depth blueprint for the kind of Cash Generating Real Estate Investing Business, including, importantly, my own built-from-scratch success, creating a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Empire. Let me be crystal clear here... I�ve said it before, but it is worth repeating;



    "If you held a gun to my head and forced me to give up my secrets to creating a built-rapidly-from-scratch, Cash Generating Real Estate Investing Business�, and show you every nitty-gritty detail - I�D GIVE YOU THIS EXACT BOOTCAMP.�



            If you are NOT involved in Foreclosures at all, but might want to be, then this is the golden opportunity to closely examine exactly how it all works. I can tell you, most people CAN participate, most HAVE a good reason to get involved, and I can�t think of a more lucrative or ideal lifestyle business.


            If you are starting, relatively new, then this is The ULTIMATE Shortcut, saving you untold years of frustration, pain, and uncertainty. Even if you�re an experienced, successful pro, there is plenty to gain.


            For example, John Worthington who has created an $80,000 per month cash flowing Real Estate Business for himself, was in attendance. Even though he�s an experienced, successful Real Estate Pro, he took the time to attend the ULTIMATE Foreclosure Bootcamp, and said:



"This WILL take my business to the next level! Just a few of these advanced techniques are going to change the way I do business immediately. Jason has done it again! REAL Investing that WORKS!�    

                                                     - John Worthington, Chicago, IL




            I think you�ll be blown away by the revolutionary, almost unheard of secrets revealed in this course. If you�re now thinking: �Geez, it was a mistake to miss this,� --- there is a solution. You can get the Audio Package of the entire Bootcamp on CD, along with�


Actual Deals!


            Case Studies I prepared and provided, with diagrams, step by step instructions, and a complete step-by-step manual. Here�s just a taste of what you missed...  


Here�s a partial list of topics covered:

        5 Decisions Every Investor Needs to Make to Make It In Real Estate

        How to Leverage the Bond You Have with a Seller for the Greatest Profit

        How to Create a Relationship with a Seller You Have Never Met

        How to Use Your Lead Generation Strategies to Give You a Whole Lot More Information About Your Deals Than JUST New Leads

        A Close Look at a Beginning, Simple Marketing Funnel

        An Inside Look at MY PERSONAL 2008 Marketing Funnel

        How to Grow Rapidly with No Employees

        When to Make Cash Profits Now- And When to Concentrate on the Back-End

        Successful Use of �New Generation� Sales Tools

        How to Sell Houses BEFORE You Ever Buy Them!

        How (and when) to (Legally) Use Telemarketing- Without ever picking up a phone yourself.

        How to Profit From UN-Motivated Sellers

        How to Make Money Going Into the Deal on the �Front-End�, Create a Powerful Stream of Monthly Income, and Make $100,000 or More on the Back-End, on a REGULAR BASIS on BREAD-and-BUTTER HOUSES! (Without Short Sales, Without Tenants, and WITHOUT Risk!)

        How to Identify Missed Opportunities in Your Real Estate Business

        7 Most Frequently Made Mistakes to Avoid

        How to Maximize Your Advertising and Minimize Expense- Even if They Already Told You It�s �Good Enough�


            Next, in the �ULTIMATE Foreclosure Bootcamp CD's", I�ll show you how to make the big money in foreclosures without writing checks or sucking up to banks.  Serious money, like $25,000-$50,000; even $100,000 per deal!


            And I WILL SHARE MY �INSIDER�S SECRETS� for negotiating with the seller�s mortgage company to get a lower payoff, so you can kick your profits into overdrive.


            I walk you through the entire Short Sale process step by step, 2008 style, with all of the newest and most accurate tips, tricks, and strategies for discounting the payoff amount. I�ll even include the forms and a checklist for you to follow to lock in these profits!



       Through my connections with one of the Nation�s Largest Lenders, I have Been Able to �acquire� just a HANDFUL of the ACTUAL SHORTSALE VS. REO WORKSHEETS that the banks use to decide if they will accept a Short Sale.

     If you are one of the next 21 people to join my Inner Circle, I will release a copy to you. It makes Short Sales a �NO BRAINER� when you already KNOW WHAT THE BANK WILL ACCEPT BEFORE YOU EVER MAKE AN OFFER!



I�ll also share with you these


about the Foreclosure Business:

  How to Get a Short Sale Through, Even If the Bank Already Said, �NO!�

   How to Get Around the Loss Mitigation Department, and Get Someone Else to �OK� Your Rock Bottom Price Offer

  How to Short Sale a House, and lock in your profits, without a nickel out of pocket EVEN IF YOU�VE NEVER MET THE SELLER.



This Is The Only Place You Can Learn These Incredible Techniques-





Here�s a letter I got from Michelle, the Transcriptionist who types out my CD�s-


      Jason, your files are ready� I did want to comment on something, I have transcribed hundreds of hours of "making money in real estate" seminars and honestly I roll my eyes at most of it because they spend 2 to 4 hours telling people exactly what they already know and then have most people pay for the privilege. I learned more in your 5 minute Foreclosure Leads Audio then I have in those (hundreds of) hours. Thanks!             - Michelle, Transcriptionist, StatisticalDataInc


            Some slowly build a stream of checks coming in and eventually switch careers. Others take a quantum leap and jump in both feet first, and never think twice. Some use it as a part-time business to quickly improve cash flow and start building some real wealth- but keep on working at their regular job. Either way you choose;


I�m Creating Millionaires Through Foreclosures-

And I�d Love For You To Join Us.


            In this Homestudy Course, I�ll be training you on all the ins and outs of the Foreclosure process, starting with how to make BIG money from houses with no equity.


            This is powerful stuff! You could �pay� Full Price and still make a mint off these houses! If you�ve been struggling to �skim� some of the thin profits off of over-leveraged houses, this will be a breath of fresh air!


            I�ll lay out for you step by step- what to say to people in foreclosure to give you instant control of their properties. And, best of all, finding these houses is easy because other investors don�t know how

to make any money off �em!


            I�ll also hand you ready-to-go Marketing and Forms, so you can start buying these deals the moment you�re ready. The Marketing I�ll share with you in the �ULTIMATE Foreclosure Bootcamp�

 homestudy is not available anywhere else!


            Here�s a breakdown- one simple letter could make you $10,000 -$75,000 or more. I know because it has for me and for so many of my students.



�Dear Jason,

            I sent out just 12 of your Special Letters, and I Got 8 Responses and 4 Vacants. 100% of the people that got the letters responded! I�m tracking down the other 4 now!"                                    -Carey Christiansen, Southfield, Illinois



            And that�s just mail! I�ll also give you ready to print signs, Business cards, Postcards, Classified Ads, and Display Ads. More importantly, you�ll also know where to use them for the best response, and the best �bang-for-the-buck.�


            The entire Bootcamp is built around the concepts that will make you a bona fide expert at the entire Foreclosure Business.


 You�ll also learn:

  • Where to find the best deals in the shortest amount of time and the least amount of effort

  • How to find the owners of Vacant Pre-Foreclosure Properties, even if they don�t want to be found.

  • How to get all the money you ever need to fund your Foreclosure Deals without ever going to a bank or putting your credit on the line.

  • The fastest ways to pick up a check, $10,000 or more, within 30 days.

  • How to make more part-time in Real Estate than you make in your full-time job within 90 days.


Dear Jason-

      I sent out my first mailing of your "Secret Letters"- and all I can say is WOW! I got 20 calls from VERY Motivated Sellers, and to date, I have made over $120,000 in cash and equities just from the VERY FIRST MAILING!! WOW Again!

             The first deal made me $21,108 in instant cash- of course with no money down. The second deal put over $107,500 in cash and equity in my pocket!! (I decided to keep the second house, I�ll make a lot more as the property goes up in value, but it�s great to know that I can get paid to BUY these deals!)

      You've completely changed my outlook on this business! I'd been using some other stuff I learned for 7 months, and I didn't even know what a Motivated Seller sounded like. And in 3 days, you changed my whole outlook around!                                 

                                               - A.J. Breal, West Palm Beach, FL




�Ok, Jason, I�m In.

Let Me Have It- How Much?�


        Let's do a quick comparison � the live version of this Workshop cost the attendees $1,995. And that doesn�t include hotel, plane ticket, meals, or lost work. The total for all of that is $1,000 more, at least. And they don�t have the luxury of being able to fast-forward or rewind to hear these life-changing techniques over and over again.


            You will easily lose $10,000-$20,000 OR MORE on a single deal if you don�t have this information! Or, you could pay $3,000 to $5,000 or more to go to a seminar put on by some out of town joker, who never bought a house in his life, so he can tell you to borrow your life away and be a slave to your tenants.


 You�ll Pay MUCH MORE For This Education

If You DON�T Attend This Life Changing Event


            The truth is, whether you learn it once the right way, or you lose your shirt trying to do it your way, you�ll pay for this information one way or the other. I�m trying to make it as inexpensive as possible for you to learn these lessons.


            You could try to buy Foreclosures without this Real World training, and risk $10,000 to $100,000 on each and every deal, try to stay out of prison for accidentally breaking the law, and retire early (and broke) with stress induced ulcers because you don�t even know the mistakes you are making.


            Or, you could hire a bona-fide millionaire, like myself, to coach you personally.


            It�s $1,500 an hour to get me on the phone, $5,000 an hour to get me in person. You�ll get 20 hours of training inside the course- so at the bare bones minimum you�re already getting $30,000 worth of my expertise and training inside this new program.


            But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum hourly rate. In fact, you can obtain this entire Home Study Package at a 71% savings and receive everything for just 2 payments of $397.



            Heck, that's just 2 payments of $397 for the same information dozens of people paid $3,000 for just a few weeks ago�



            That's less than you�ll lose in one deposit on one deal you screw up without my help. Just click the above link and fill out the Fast Response Form, and we�ll rush this income-exploding kit out to you right away.


So What�s the Catch?...

� Why Am I Practically Giving This Program Away?


            It�s because my goal is to find partners who want to get in on the profits on deals you bring to me. It�s a 50/50 split, and I�ve written my students some pretty incredible checks. You�ll get all the details in the course. I�d love nothing more than to write you a check while teaching you a millionaire�s secrets.


            The information in this Course is so new, so different from what everyone else is doing, that it�s easily worth ten times what I�m charging. In fact, I didn�t want to sell these insider secrets this cheap, that�s why I�ve capped the number of courses that will EVER be sold at 100. So you�ll want to get yours now.


Only 100 61 44 21 Courses and Bonus Packs Remain!



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Here�s $4,571 Worth of Stuff
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1. The Jump Start Kit

            This is the kit you�ll receive before you attend. In it, you�ll find an introduction to the Incredible techniques you�ll learn when you arrive. It�s designed to get your head on straight, and prepare you for the truly revolutionary system you are about to learn.                                                                  Value: $397



2. The �ULTIMATE Foreclosure Manual.�

            Word for word, and page for page the most valuable book on the subject of Foreclosures. It outlines every single step to make big money in Foreclosures, including how to negotiate Short Sales, and the Formulas banks use to decide how much to discount their loans. Once you know this, you are holding all the cards! Use it like an encyclopedia, looking it over whenever you have a question.

                                                                                                                                           Value: $997



3. The �Must Have� Pre-Foreclosure Forms CD-Rom

            This is a top shelf compendium of each and every form required to buy Foreclosure Real Estate quickly, safely, and profitably. It contains every form you need to get to and through your Foreclosure deals.

                                                                                                                                        Value: $997 



4. The HUD-1 �Net Sheet� Generator

            This entire package includes everything you need to negotiate discounts- �short sales� with lenders. It�s a step-by-step system, and this "Auto-Fill" software makes it a �fill in the blanks� process. If you can write your own name, you can make BIG money in foreclosures with these forms.

                                                                                                                                        Value: $495



5. The �Fast Cash Forms, Scripts, and Letters� CD-ROM. 

            This CD-ROM is the most cutting edge collection of scripts in the entire world. You will never wonder what you should be saying to a seller ever again. Plus, all the forms you need to buy and sell Real Estate quickly and safely are here, ready for you to use them to create wealth.                  Value: $395






Special Limited FREE Bonus #7:

7. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE FIRST 21 PEOPLE TO RESPOND, you will receive an ACTUAL Short Sale Worksheet from a Nationwide Lender.

  This simple form took many, many, many years to acquire, and great expense. It spells out EXACTLY how a Bank decides whether or not to accept your Short Payoff offer, and with it, you will know before you ever make the offer whether or not they will accept it!!

It is nearly impossible to assign this form a value, since it is essentially irreplaceable. But I can tell you this, if I�d had this form when I began my investing career, it would have meant MANY, MANY additional MILLIONS. Millions YOU will be able to make, once you use this Worksheet.

Best Guess Value: $1,000



Free Bonus Total: $4,571

Worth of FREE and Irreplaceable Bonuses!


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        For 90 Days AFTER you receive the course, I Will Work With You Personally, and "Take You By the Hand",

To Absolutely GUARANTEE You'll Be Successful!

"Take You By the Hand" Coaching and Training Package:

(For the Next 21 People to Respond)

"One-on-One" Bonus #1: 90 Day Call-In Hotline


             Sometimes just one simple change can explode your profits, or destroy everything you�re trying to accomplish. That�s why I created my "Member�s ONLY� Question and Answer Hotline! Just call in and my own house sellers will answer every single one of your questions, to make 100% sure you�re successful!


             This service normally costs $497 per month, but as a special bonus for acting right away on this special offer, for three full months you can call my office and speak directly with my trained House Buying team- the same people who run my own  Real Estate Investing Business! They will be at your disposal, to answer any and all questions you may have. It�s my way of GUARANTEEING your success!                                                                                                     Value: $1,500


"One-on-One" Bonus #2: 90 Day Deal Critique Fax-In Line


            For the next 21 people ONLY who receive this life-changing package, I�ll include a special �Inner Circle� Critique Certificate that will let you send me the details of your potential deals for 90 days, and I'll personally look it over, tell you how to go forward with the deal, and how to maximize the amount of money you�re about to make!


            I charge my inner circle $1,500 for this service, and it�s not available to �outsiders� at any price, but I�ve decided to include it here as an �Extra-Special� Bonus, to GUARANTEE you have everything you need to be successful, and as a great big �Welcome to the family!�                      Value: $1,497


"One-on-One" Bonus #3: Follow-Up One-on-One Coaching Session


     I had to think hard before doing this, because I HATE having my time wasted, but I want to make absolutely sure you have all the answers you need. Therefore, I�ll waive the $1,500 per hour I charge for a full hour of telephone consultation. I even charge $1,500 per hour for my "Inner Circle" to consult with me for an hour, and I didn�t consult with anyone else- until now!                         Value: $1,500


"Take You By the Hand" Package
Total Value: $4,497


Free Bonuses Total Value:                                             $4,571

"Take You By the Hand" Package Total Value:               $4,497

Total Value of All the FREE Bonuses and Training $9,068!!



          As you can see, I'm doing everything I can to make you successful. I'll even work with you personally to make it happen for you, but it's a two way street. At some point, in order to make a change, you have to take the plunge. Why not now, when it comes with a chance to work one-on-one with a self made millionaire? And if that's not enough, check out my Double Guarantee below.



  And Here�s My Rock Solid DOUBLE Guarantee:


            I insist on two guarantees; the first is UN-conditional. Review everything for up to thirty full days, if you don�t agree it�ll increase your income 20-times, and if you aren�t immediately acting on specific opportunities, please return it for a full refund. If it�s �wrong� for you, if you�re not going to use it, don�t keep it. Get your money back.


    The second is CONDITIONAL. It is an extra guarantee, for those people who have Real Estate businesses up and running within 3 months. For 3 full months, if you can demonstrate that you used any three suggestions from the recordings and manuals, and haven�t profited by $10,000.00 as a result, you just write in, tell us about it, and still get a full refund.


    Depending whether the second, extra guarantee applies to you or not, you have up to THREE FULL MONTHS� FREE PREVIEW AND USE.



            Regardless of your financial condition or experience, you have before you an opportunity to

Get out of the rat race, and see how the rich live, think, and grow rich. Come and learn how you can join us very quickly.


This Is No Game.

This Is The Real Deal.


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         Jason Loucks

         Jason Loucks, Real Estate Mentor


P.S. You can change your life and income forever with the ULTIMATE Foreclosure Course, and if it�s not everything I say it is and more, you don�t lose a nickel. You�ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain! That�s the kind of Investment I like- No Risk, BIG Rewards!


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P.P.S. We get phone calls, faxes, and letters here nearly every day, from students sharing some amazing success stories with us. I've enclosed a few of them here to inspire you to take action. But the Real question is...


When Do I Get to Hear YOUR Success Story?


Dear Jason,
     I just wanted to say a huge thank you! I completed my second deal and it was a beauty. I flipped a property and took home a check for $34,399.40.  I only had to work a few hours for it too! 

     I cannot possibly explain the feeling of shock when I left the closing table with that kind of money!  Thanks again! 

                                      -Terry Miller, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Dear Jason,
Here are my results since learning your course; One cash deal worth $25,000; one property at $355,000 (worth $460,000); and just recently a man called with 10 rental properties he needs to unload. I really feel what you are saying on your CDs, that it is great to approach this as someone who is helping people out of a dire situation. -Christopher, and Karen Viera, Chicago, Illinois


Dear Jason,
Through your system, I have personally bought 5 properties and made over $45,000 cash, plus equity and cashflow! I made more in my spare time last year with your system, in just a few hours a month, than I made at my 40-50 hour per week job working for the Government! Let me tell you this: I recommended investing with you to my own Mother! I can�t tell you anything more powerful than that!
-Doug Cosper, Arizona Department of Transportation, Phoenix AZ

Hi Jason!
I did just what you told me to do in your course, and on my very first deal made $69,990! I was afraid my wife would have to go back to work after our son was born, but that's enough for her to take a whole YEAR off! - Carlos Quirch, Coral Springs


Dear Jason,
I am delighted to confirm that I have now completed my very first deal... I have just sold it� using all the techniques I learned from your Course. Nearly $50,000 profit!

-William Priddy, Westin, FL

Dear Jason,
This was exactly what we needed to get ourselves in the right path. You definitely have a unique system to have a real estate business. I know many people who have tried to do it with someone else and they're not making any substantial amount of money. If anybody wants to make money with real estate then your system is for them! On my first deal, I made $69,466! On my second deal, I made $8,000 in 10 days. On my third deal, which I'm selling now, I'll make OVER $80,000! Thank you,

-Andres F. Escobar, West Palm Beach

Dear Jason,
In the three weeks after learning your system, I bought 5 properties with no money down! Since then, I�ve also bought a 4 bedroom house for myself and my wife and kids, and got paid $16,000 at closing when we bought it! On my most recent deal, I made $18,876 in 17 days with no money down!
I can�t possibly tell you how this training has changed my life. As a soldier in the U.S. Army, it�s nice to know that even if something happens to me, my children and family�s future is secure.
I also take great pride in knowing that I�ll never have to settle for �average� ever again!
-Mike Garza, Palm Bay

Dear Jason,
Just wanted to tell you THANKS � I got your coarse 2 months ago and since have cashed 3 deals with little work and just contracted a fourth that was sold the same day... On my newest deal, I made over $8,000 and worked less hours than I ever have in my life!!! The cash is real and so is my new BMW as a result of it!!

-Spiro �Pete� Cardaris, Wellington, Fl

Dear Jason�
� This month's income will put me well over $112,000 CASH for
my very first year in the business and I'm still just cracking the
ice! I love this business Jason. And I thank you. I thank you for
teaching me the usefull and truthfull!

-James Eynon, Port St. Lucie

Dear Jason,
Just wanted to let you know how AWESOME my business is going! In the two months since hearing your course, I�ve already closed 1 deal and have two more under contract- just because I took one idea from your course and applied it! To date, that 1 idea has made me $10,000, plus I�ll get another $33,000 when these other deals close!

- J.J. Mangan, Jupiter, FL

"Dear Jason, I just flipped a property and took home $34,399.40! I'm still in shock...

- Terri Miller, Ft.Lauderdale, FL

Hello Jason and Laura!
I'm on my way. I just collected my first $5,000 from my first deal. I'm about to do my next in a couple of days and will make $10,000 from this one. I can't tell you how good it feels to be able to finally do what I've always dreamed.
My finances were down to $0 dollars and I used my overdraft of $100 to contract my first deal and turned it into $5,000 in less than 3 weeks! I can't thank you enough.
I have top cash buyers hungry to do business with me. I'm looking forward to my future. Once again, your training has been a blessing.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! -Juliet Stewart, Atlanta Georgia


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